You have done your research and have put your home on sale during the best time possible, that is during the seller's market. However this is not even the half way mark in terms of selling your home. Even in a seller's market your home wil not sell itself. Read the tips below in order to prevent  your home's DOM from accruing.

1. Price to sell:  Many home sellers wil adopt the startegy of pricing their home quite high thinking that they can always reduce the price if the buyer does not accept. Unfortunately, this strategy can leave you hanging, and now you will be suck with a home that has not sold in the desirable period of time that is the first 45 days. Now buyers will start to suspect that there is something wrong with the home. With this strategy you risk having to cut the home's price for a lot lower than you have planned to begin with.

2.Stage, Stage, Stage: Many prospective buyers have a hard time imagining themselves in a new home. You will make it a lot more difficult for them and eventually hurt yourself by trying to sell an empty home. If you need help in presenting your home in its best light contact local stagers as they have the expertise to make the most of any living space.  

3. Curb appeal: The exterior of the home is what attracts potential buyers to explore the rest of the home. Wilting flowers, sketchy shrubs, and peeling paint can only repel buyers.  A freshly landscaped yard, clean windows, and a tidy house goes a long way. It always helps to inspect your home from the outside as a buyer would; this means you will not be entering through the garage but through the front yard; watch out for peeling paint, cobwebs, and a dirty door. Once the buyer sees that the little things are well taken care  of they will assume that the home is free of any major problems.

4. Choose the right agent: Your agent is your guide. A great agent will advise you how to best present your home. You want to choose an agent you get along with, one that you trust, and respect. To make the most of your relationship the feeling should be mutual. Therefore, do not hire just anyone for the job. Pick a few agents, interview them, ask about their references, and their marketing strategy, lastly  conclude who best shares your vision.

By following the tips above, know that you are doing everything possible to sell your home, but also know  that patience is a virtue and that staying humble is also important.

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