Although selling a home is not common during winter, it has been done. People do it for various reasons, some have no option due to certain life circumstances such as a job change, yet others will do it consciously as there is less competition. Whatever, your reason is, it is helpful to read the following winter selling tips.

Different promotion strategy: Selling your home in the winter will require changing your marketing strategy online and offline. To make your home attract passers-by make the for sale signs more festive by attaching balloons, red bow ties, and other holiday decorations. This way they will stand out even with heaps of snow all around. In terms of online, increase the frequency of your Facebook advertisements, and target different groups and income ranges. Ask you agent about the winter marketing plan they have in mind.

Prepare for the Unexpected: Winter weather has a way of uncovering all of the home’s weaknesses. Harsh winter conditions can cause puddles in your back and front yard which may point to grading and drainage issues or perhaps you will find out that the roof has a few leaks. If you do not have time to fix these issues, do some research and see how much it will cost to fix the following problems. Talk to your agent and decide how much you would pay towards having the problems fixed during the closing process.

Show photos of sunnier times:  Aside from having summer photos of your home in your listings, you should also have pamphlets and fliers filled with images of your home during the warmer seasons.

Turn up the Coziness: Considering it is mucky outside, prepare a basket of slippers right at the front door, bake some cookies or make some hot chocolate, and if you have a fireplace put in a few logs and let the fire warm up the place.

Clear the front door path: Some people may think that this is not that big of a deal, however it definitely is. The last thing you want is a lawsuit due to a slip or a fall.  Shoveling the walkways and driveways will also make your home stand out.

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