When The For Sale Sign Goes Up: What Are The 11 Things To Do?

When everything is ready, and you put a house on the market for sale after giving it the final touch, there are still some things to consider that could contribute to a better vibe between you and potential buyers.The following eleven details will help you seal the deal with a client. Besides the visible parts of the house, there are also some technicalities that can make the buyer feel the connection with their potential future home.

1.    Your Neighbors Can Play A Crucial Role
Sometimes neighbors can make more for you than any marketing tactic or ad. They will spread the word to others if you just fill them in on the details and let them know more about the house. Have them over for coffee and share with them your plans for the sale, and they will probably have a handful of buyers to suggest.
2.    Do Not Skip Showings
Yes, we understand that sometimes you will be busy and not able to do a spontaneous showing on the spot, but if you really want to sell your house as soon as possible, you will have to try and fit spontaneous potential buyers into your schedule. Sometimes, these crazy unplanned arrangements turn out to be the most fertile.
3.    Keep Up With The House Work
If you still live in the house you are selling; you have to keep your home ready for showings all the time. This means that no random stuff should lie around, and not only that, but you have to get rid of cooking smells all the time, as well as keep surfaces free of any items that take up space (e.g. dirty laundry in the basket, milk on the counter, etc.). A good impression starts with a clean and neat environment.
4.    Do Not Postpone!
We already mentioned how important it is to be available for every potential buyer, and in addition to that, we just want to let you know that the longer your house is on the market, the more the asking price will tumble down. The ideal deadline is around 30 days before buyers will start offering a lower price quote. In the end, it could cost you thousands of dollars.
5.    Light The Place Up!
If your house is not one of the sunny and shiny places, you can always enhance the ambiance with few lamps. It will make your home look bright, and brightness always exhibits a feeling a warmth. Buyers love bright places.
6.    Show Off What Your Home Has Got
Every home comes with at least one convenience. If you have a great TV, point out that it is included in the sale. If you have air condition and it happens to be a hot day, leave it on, and buyers will immediately start thinking about how they could return from work to such a pleasant and cool place every day.
 7.    Your Stuff Is Not For The Show
Make sure your stuff does not lie around especially stuff like jewelry, electronics and gadgets, etc. You never know what can happen, and acting before damage is done is a pretty good policy.
8.    Choose Your Words Wisely
Buyers will have some questions ready you probably never asked yourself before concerning trivial things, and you either have to come up with an answer on the spot or keep a low profile when it comes to small talk.
9.    Keep A Neutral Environment
Maybe you have a hobby room or a kid’s room that is decorated according to your personal taste, but such rooms may not match the taste of the buyers, so make an effort to remove all the extras that poke the eye (posters, drastic wall paintings, etc.).
10.    If You Can’t Keep A Cool Head, Let Your Agent Take Over
Not all buyers will be easy to handle, and if you do not want to deal with them, just let a real estate agent handle all your showings.
11.    Make Sure Your Home Is A Safe Place
Many hazards lie around the house, and you have to be careful that one of your clients does not slip on something or trip on the stairs due to small defects. Make sure that a fall or an injury is not your or your home’s fault.
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