‘Silence is golden’ shouldn’t be taken as just a cliché term. In some situation, and one of those situations is while selling your home you will be much better off by not saying much. Of course there are certain things that you have to disclose to the buyer as it would be prohibited by law to stay quiet on such matter, which includes lead paint throughout the home or flooding issues. Talk to your agent about other information that will need to be disclosed and keep in mind that aside from that everything else is unnecessary. However, too often we hear sellers blurt out stuff they shouldn’t. Be more strategic and learn what not say to buyers:

Our home is in perfect condition
In life there’s almost nothing that is perfect. Don’t say the above because a home inspection will be done, and in general there’s always something specified that needs at least a touch-up. By saying the above you may come off as a person that doesn’t hold true to their word, and that is the last impression you want to give off especially to the people you are trying to do business with.

We’ve been meaning to fix that
You may say the above to come off as a person with good intention. However, all you’re doing is digging yourself a bigger hole! What the buyer hears is that they will need to dish out more money to fix what you ‘intended on fixing’ even though that may have never come across their mind.

We spent so much on that
By mentioning how much money you spent on certain renovations, or items you come off as if you are justifying the home’s listing price. Desperation is a turn off in relationships and for that matter in any type of relationship, this includes business as well.

The DOM of our home is getting lengthy
The DOM should never be discussed. The buyers can get this info on the listing itself. By you pointing it out you give the impression that you will drop the price.

X is the minimum price I will take
If you come off as someone who is inflexible, the buyer may feel defeated from the start and will think it’s useless to offer an alternatives. 

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