I live in Brampton and I'm thinking of selling my house. I keep hearing it's a sellers market and the market is rising, if I wair a few months prices will strengthen even more. Should I wait or sell now?

The answer:
Regardless of your situation, our advice remains the same.  You should only sell, buy; when the time is right for you. 

That being said, the real estate market really does heat up in the spring months. Generally speaking, a burst of new listings hits the market between March and June, and represents somewhere between 40-50% of the homes sold annually (Source: TREB Statistics).

Spring is certainly the best time to sell or buy for many clients.  Selling in spring allows many practical benefits such as closings in summer time, which allows for easier transitions for school aged children.  Moving in spring also allows for better weather for the move itself.  With the stress of moving, having the weather choose to not co-operate; can be an added stress that you don't need. 

But the past few years the value of the homes in the Brampton area and beyond have increased by a high percentage. Many sellers believe selling in the spring is the perfect time, therefore there is more compeition on the market, this may result in; pent-up demand from buyers who simply haven't been successful in securing a new home in the spring market, whether because of high pricing, bidding wars or just exhaustion.

For sellers, this means growing demand for homes across the seasons, and especially after the spring rush.  With today's market, homes are listed and sold within a few days, some might even cause a bidding war.  You are more likely to have a bidding war in Spring time that you would any other time of the year.  Having said that, doesn't mean that bidding wars do not happen at other times of the years, it all depends on the price and condition of the home. 

It's perfectly possible to sell outside the spring season and aquiare a new home at the right price too. But what matters the most is that the timing has to make sense for you the client and your needs. There are peak sales seasons sure, but what fits you and your family should always be your decision driver, not the traditional sales season. You should also keep in mind that as seller who is also buying, you will also be paying top dollar for the new home you purchase.  Therefore the pricing will always balance each other out. 

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