Spring is just around the corner and if you are planning on putting the ‘for sale’ sign up during the prime house shopping season you need to start preparing now! There is a lot more work involved than just putting the sign up. Read on to find out how one determines about what to renovate and which renovations are worth the time.
The age of the home: Key questions that buyers will ask is how old certain items are in and around the house. Prepare all your paperwork so that you can give your agent the exact number there is nothing worse than providing guesstimates.  The key items on the list will include; the roof, water heater, gutters, and the HVAC system. A good place to check for records are the seller’s disclosure or the home records. If you have repaired some of the items look for receipts. Check out the life expectancy for the following items:
Roof: 15 to 30 years
Water heater: 14 years
Gutters: 30 years
Central air-conditioning: 15 years
Examine the place:  It is important that you do a proper walkthrough to check for any visible signs of wear and tear. The most important places to check are:
Sinks and toilets: Check for any leaks
Doors and windows: Condensation and rain can cause the window ledges and door frames to weaken and rot
Ceilings and walls: Check for stains, these could be due to a leaky roof or rain seeping from the outside.
Floors and carpets: If you notice bulges under carpets and floors it could be due to an uneven foundation or it may be an indication of flooding problems.  
Lastly you want to make sure you fix all the little things that need to be repaired from light fixtures, to broken handles, to cracks in the walls. In other words you are improving the functionality of the room.
Seek professional help:  Doing a proper home inspection will inspire confidence in buyers – the home inspection report is proof that that there are no nasty surprises down the road. On average the home inspection typically costs around $500, but it does vary depending on the size of the home. 
Renovation planning: Buying a home is an investment after all, figure out which renovations will give you the biggest ROI. It is also best to focus on repairs that are less susceptible to personal preferences, which include the following: upgrade to hardwood floors, upgrade insulation, and a new roof. These are repairs that make up the foundation of the home after all a strong foundation is something that all home buyers are looking for.

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