Brampton is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada with a population of almost 500,000, and there is yet more to come in the following years. The city offers many conveniences and nice houses and condos at a reasonable price if compared to the bigger Canadian cities. Brampton is often associated with affordable but yet beautiful properties which add to the charm of the city.

When investing in residential real estate, one should consider the development potential of a city and future housing demand in an area or city. Brampton seems to meet both criteria. First of all, the city is still under development, and new projects are underway. Second, Brampton and other towns nearby Toronto became sought-after areas lately as they offer lower real estate prices compared to Toronto. It could result in higher demand in Brampton in a few years, and if it does, wouldn’t it be good to be a seller in a seller’s market?  And even if it doesn’t, there is always the option of renting and earning money on the side.

What Has Brampton To Offer?
One of its great assets is that it’s near Toronto and one can get there in 30 minutes by car (as it’s only 60 miles away). Commuters in Brampton can also rely on a solid and well-connected public transport network. Another advantage of Brampton is that it’s located nearby the Toronto Pearson International Airport.
 Brampton is also known as a multicultural hub which is home to people from different parts of the world giving it a touch of cosmopolitanism. 

Brampton became a city only in the 1970s, but it advanced very fast. It developed into an urban community with all necessary big-city amenities that make life easier. Besides cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms, schools (private and public), etc., there are also 11 indoor pools and the famous Brampton Golf Club, of course.
Shopping in Brampton can turn into a real adventure as there are 16 malls, including the biggest shopping center in Ontario, i.e., Bramalea Shopping Center with over 200 stores.  Exclusive boutiques and shops can also be found in the Downtown area.

Brampton is a good fit for all those who like outdoor activities. With its many parks and green areas, as well as sports facilities like football and lacrosse fields, it meets the needs of young sportsmen and nature lovers.The Gage Park, for example, is often used as the venue for different events, while the Heart Lake Conversation Area is famous for its spray pool and fishing activities. Brampton is pedestrian-friendly, and many residents enjoy to take a walk, a run or a ride on the bike at one of Brampton’s many trails and pathways. Green is in, and more and more people are looking to live in a community which offers green spaces and encourages outdoors activities. 

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