Peel Region Second Units Program
If you have been looking into renovations for your second property, then there are important financial aids that you should be aware of. Everyone wants to renovate their home, storage building, or other secondary facility for some reason or another, and the Peel Renovates Second Units program enables homeowners to accomplish that goal. Usually, individuals wish to remodel or renovate a structure to improve certain hazardous conditions or health concerns, and this program is offering you the opportunity to make that secondary space a much safer and pleasant place. Whether you need to increase accessibility, acquire registration, or simply improve the conditions, the Peel Renovates Second Units program is worth your consideration.

What Does the Peel Renovates Second Units Program Offer?
Homeowners wishing to remodel, renovate, or simply update a secondary facility have the fiscal means to do so with this program. An existing second unit can be improved upon for health conditions, safety standards, accessibility purposes, and other such important factors.

The program offers $25 thousand per household to cover the cost for the aforementioned type of renovations, and this financial assistance can be of great importance to a multitude of families. There are certain parameters that must be met on part of the applicants, and the fiscal aid itself can only be used once for this purpose.

What Constitutes An Eligible Applicant for the Program?
There are certain features that a person must possess in order to be approved for the $25 thousand of the Peel Renovates Second Units program. The combination of all of these attributes can give someone access to the money they need in order to successfully renovate their secondary unit.

An applicant needs to be making at most $87,800 annually for the entire household. That is the gross income per year for the family. The household applicant must own a home in one of three specific places, which are Brampton, Mississauga, and Caledon. Each location has its own requirements and procedures, but those can be easily taken care of after the registration process for a building permit has been obtained.

Applications for the Peel Renovates Second Units program can only be approved after the building permit has been requested and the registration process has begun. Each prospective renovation facility must have an accessibility issue, fire safety hazards, structural damage, electrical problems, plumbing malfunctions, or heating difficulties to be approved.

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