We live in a day and age where competition runs high in all categories from sports to cool business ideas, the same can be said for the home selling process. Baking cookies, putting pamphlets at the front door is cliché. If you want to stand out you have to be original, read the following creative home selling tips to help you sell your home.

Social Media: Just because your agent has listed your home on the MLS it doesn’t mean that it has to stop there. Be creative and make use of social media. Use creative headlines to market your home on Twitter, share personal moments that happened in the home on your Facebook, and upload creative photos of your home on Instagram, your home can be the next most trending thing with thousands of followers and among those potential interested buyers!

Open House: Offer the potential buyers more than the typical open house, make a party instead! Offer champagne and finger food, and set the tone with some background music. If you are not into cooking or your event planning skills need some work think about hiring planners and caterers who are just starting out – this way you will get the desired outcome while keeping things cheap. If you are not thrilled about the party idea think about incorporating a game. By involving potential buyers you will help keep them around for a longer period of time. A raffle event is a cool idea, have all the visitors compete for the ‘biggest loser renter’, the potential buyer who paid most in rent wins the prize.

Spread the News: Aside from the listing being on the MLS, and a few various website, increase the word of mouth by giving out free cool stuff to promote the house.  Magnets, pens, notepads, and the like with the home’s photo and info will definitely make you stand out.

Today it is all about snagging the buyers’ interest. Incorporate some or all of the ideas above and wait for the results. It is in fact possible to sell your home in a few characters on twitter or during a festive open house that has more to offer rather than the typical walk through. 

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