You have made a decision to sell your home but you should consider if you are doing everything in your means to actually sell it. The way you market your home will definitely impact how quickly your home goes off the market. By working with the right agent, you will be exposed to the best marketing techniques and have your home sold in no time.  

What To Expect From Your Realtor

In addition to helping you stage your home, your realtor should:

- Research the market to identify the buyer target group. After a few open houses the agent should have a list of potential buyers that fit in this group and the agent should email them directly.

- Take excellent pictures or work with a professional photographer in order to showcase your home in the best possible way. First impressions have a lasting impact.

- Make a virtual tour of the home and post this video online along with the pictures. The more information buyers have on the home the more their interest peeks.

- List the home on the multiple listing service and market it on multiple websites to maximize the home’s exposure.

- Contact other agents and real estate brokers who work with buyers that fall into the same price range as your listing price.
Your Realtor should follow up as soon as possible with all interested buyers in order to keep momentum going and to get feedback on your home. Comments of praise and criticism work to your favour as these are cautions to highlight the features buyers like and fix those along the way that they are not fond of. This way you will know how to better gauge their interest.

What Your Realtor Will Expect From You

-Make your home available to the convenience of interested buyers.

-Leave the home so that buyers can explore without feeling as if their every move is being watched. Studies show that buyers will look more carefully at certain things in and around the home when the seller is not present.

-Take your pets with you or lock them up during open house.

-Leave brochures that contain information about the benefits of the location; community amenities, sport leagues and other features that make the neighbourhood attractive.
Picking out a relator that truly understands you so that you can work as a team will definitely make the home selling process a lot smoother and quicker.

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