You have definitely decided to sell your home, but before you go ahead and list it read the tips below. You want to approach your home from a buyer’s perspective, and keep this in mind when prepping it up for sale. 
The first thing you should do is get your team together. You will need to hire an agent and designer/stager. You may be dissuaded by friends and family but remember that investing in preparation will increase your chances of selling your home quicker and it may also increase your home’s sales price by as much as 15%. According to RESA studies, staged homes sell 85% faster than vacant homes and staged homes sell 89% faster than occupied homes. Increase your home’s ROI by increasing its listing price with the tips below:

1. Touch up visible signs of wear: Look at the baseboards, doors, trim, and cabinetry. More likely than not you will see gaps and cracks, which is normal over time. However potential buyer may mistake this for bigger issues. All that is needed is dap, run this along the trim and wipe smooth with your finger. Look at the sink, shower and tub, and see whether the caulking and silicone needs to be replaced with a fresh bead. Lastly apply a fresh coat of paint to doors, baseboards, and cabinetry.

2. Give purposes to spaces that lack it: If under the stair case you have quite a bit of room, you can change this to storage space by adding cool shelving or better off make it into your own mini office/work space. Also if you have a smaller eat in kitchen, make it bigger by replacing the table with a bar counter. This way you will bridge the space between the kitchen and the dining room.

3. Update the kitchen: An outdated kitchen can be a big red flag for potential buyers, many do not want to spend thousands on renovating the kitchen. You can give your kitchen a fresh look just by painting or re-laminating the cabinets. Replace your laminate countertops with durable quartz counters. Finally update it with new hardware and add a backsplash to give it that modern look.

4. Lighting: If you have mismatched and outdated lighting fixtures replace them with a more transitional style.

5. Stage according to the value of the home: If the home’s exterior is that of a historic/old-fashioned home, it does not make sense for the interior to be styled with the contemporary look/design. The purpose of staging is to create a more clean and consistent look. Staging will vary depending on the home’s design and your target group. 

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