Whether you are selling your house or you want to spruce up your living space you will need to spend some time accessorizing! Without these small deco. pieces your house will look like a generic show room. It is the accessories that give the room energy and visual interest. Unlike huge furniture pieces and appliances, accessories are quite affordable giving you flexibility to switch them with the seasons. There are many items to choose from but as a general rule of thumb pictures and books add personal notes whereas pillows and blankets add warmth. Learn how to accessorize by reading the tip below:
Books: Books of varying height will give architecture to coffee tables, front-hall tables, and shelves. Pick books you are actually interested in reading and play around with the various colours to create the ‘consistency’ the room may be lacking.
Photos: Nothing will personalize the space as much as your photos of family and friends. Frame your favorite photos in a similar style and place them in groupings rather than scattering them throughout your entire home.
Throw blankets: Another way to add more colour and coziness to your home is to fold a blanket on the edge of a sofa this way you will break hard lines and you add a dash of colour, there are so many options to choose from.
Throw Pillows: Not only are they good for propping your back but they are an excellent way to add colour and pattern to a room. Don’t shy away from using a mix of lines, lumbars, and squares.
Vases and objects: It is always more interesting to place objects that actually mean something to you this can be anything, from your three-year old’s paper sculpture to pieces you bought on vacation trips. The key is to mix and match form – place a curvy vase by a square box.
Plants: Ideally every room in the home should have a living element to it and the easiest way to accomplish this is by buying a few houseplants or placing a fresh bouquet.
Group objects together: Individual pieces don't have as big of an impact as a group of objects either linked by material, shape or colour.
Moderation: Look at your accessories as your finest pieces of jewelery – you would never wear all of your jewelry at the same time so don't make the same mistake with the deco. pieces around the home.
The odd number game: Display items in odd groupings, this will create flow within the room.

Look at shape: If you have many boxy items then break this by purchasing a few curvey objects.
Think trinagles: If you've studied art this is no surprise – all great artists have used a triangular composition in their work to guide the viewer's eye and to create a more dynamic effect. The best arrangement is a scalene triangle – you can create the different length look by adding a large piece, a medium piece, and a small piece.

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