Today, real estate transactions are rarely conducted without a professional realtor whose job is to carry out a smooth transaction on behalf of the seller or buyer. Most sellers realize that they need a professional on their side and that they could not do without one. Still, despite an endless choice, many sellers find it hard to pick the right agent. The internet is flooded with websites of agents and testimonials, but can sellers use it as a relevant reference? How to know which agent is right for you?
You need a full-time agent
When looking for an agent to market and sell your home, look for a full-time agent. Full-time agents are better informed as real estate is their only occupation, whereby those who work part-time do not have the time to be at the disposal of their clients as one would hope for. House showings would have to be scheduled after their regular working hours, and you probably can forget about spontaneous house showings as well, unless you agree to show the house without the agent.
Choose wisely
Shopping for a real estate agent is completely acceptable, and you have the right to interview several potential agents of your choice before making a decision. First, do an online research where you can learn about their education, experience, number of sold listings, additional education in the real estate services, etc. Also, look for agents who know your area well and who specialize in the type of property sales you are dealing with. You may ask for a recent client contact list and ask their previous clients about their transactions, e.g., about the asking and selling price, how long their property was out on the market, etc. This will give you an insight into the expertise of an agent.
Ask agents right away what their service includes and what marketing strategy they intend to use, e.g., what kind of websites they use for advertising, will they print flyers and brochures, do they offer consultation services, etc. You may ask them about property sales in the neighborhood in order to find out how familiar they are with your area. Top-notch agents will certainly be informed of such events and share with you one or the other detail.
Agents and pricing
There are two types of people: the ones who believe the more you pay, the more you get and the ones who will always choose the cheapest variant. Many people believe that a higher price (in this case a higher commission) means better quality. They also believe that the hotshot agents and agencies are the best out there without any doubt. It is high time to break this myth. Before you jump the gun, make sure to have all the information on the above-said and do not go with a high-in-demand agent, since they usually have loads of work and it may happen that you do not get the attention you deserve. Look for an agent who is rather client-oriented than one who is chasing sales targets. On the other hand, if you are considering hiring an agent who charges a very low commission, you have to ask yourself how much will be in for his counterpart agent who represents the buyer. Take into account that they split the earnings and that a low commission might not be motivating enough for the buyer’s agent to even consider to bring his clients to your house showings. 

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