As a home owner you want to make sure your home is energy efficient especially during the summer months.  Keeping costs down will also help you in the long run.  When you are a home seller, the same is especially true for several reasons.  Most likely you will have to buy as well, and every extra $1 you can put towards your new home the better.  Also when you sell, the buyer may ask to see your energy and gas bills, so they can get a good idea of how much they will be looking to spend each month on utilities.  Having lower utility bills while staying comfortable in your home is a great asset. 

1. Set you air conditioner to 25°C when you are at home.  When you are away, its a good idea to turn off it completely if possible. 

2. If you have any ceiling fans in your home, make sure they are running in a counter-clockwise direction.  This will help circulate the cooler air more efficiently. 

3. Consider letting your freshly washed clothes dry the nature way, with the sun and some breeze during the warmer months.

4. Install your air conditioner and thermostat in a shaded area.  This can improve the units efficiency by up to 10%.

5. If you have a fireplace in your home, close off the fireplace to prevent the cooler air from escaping through the chimney.

6. Consider attic ventilation.  Energy costs will rise if your air conditioner is fighting a hot attic.

7. Use timers or motion sensors for exterior lights.  Make sure you adjust the timers for the summer daylight hours. 

8. If shopping for a new appliance, consider Energy Star or other high efficiency models.

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