Listing agents know that it is key to have a decent marketing strategy to sell a home, so they always make sure that a part of the budget goes for advertisement. But, what is a good marketing strategy and how can you tell that your listing agent is doing all in their power to reach out to potential buyers? Posting an ad on MLS and putting the For Sale sign up in front of your home won’t do it anymore. Read the following tips to see what else can be done to spread the word. 

Online and print advertising

Have your agent post your ad on top listing websites which generate a lot of traffic, and don’t forget to share your ad on social media, e.g., your Twitter profile, Facebook, Instagram, and have your friends and family do the same. Social media are still number 1 when it comes to reaching the wider public. Online advertisement is great, but buyers also read the newspaper, so make sure to post an ad in some of the most popular newspapers. 

Your listing agent may also suggest to directly mail specific groups of people like your neighbors who may know someone who is looking for a home or other agents who represent buyers, etc. Printing and distributing flyers can also be a clever move, but make sure that the flyers are eye-catching. 

Photos of your home

Taking photos of your home requires lots of preparation. For example, if you want to put a fresh coat of paint, you should do it before the photo shoot. The same goes for everything else, replacing appliances, new furniture, etc. Everything you plan to show at house showings should be already included in the pictures and vice versa. Don’t make your home look better in the photos than it actually is. 

Hiring a professional photographer to take the photos became a standardized method. Many listing agents already work with one, so it will be easy to find an experienced pro through your listing agent. Remove all unnecessary stuff before the photo shoot and make sure that each room is at its best and well-lit. The photographer will know how to put your furniture, light and home décor accessories best in scene. The process may require some furniture rearrangement and buying new home accessories, but it will be worth it. Just remember, you will have to keep your home as presented in the photos until you sell it. 

Virtual tours
Besides the photos, a virtual tour of your home will give interested buyers even a better insight into your home and the layout.  By moving their mouse, they can walk from one room to another and imagine how it would be to live there. They can closely observe the walls, the ceiling and all other physical features. For a better effect, you can add accompanying descriptions, too. It is a great way to show interested buyers every angle of your home and it should be definitely a part of your selling strategy.

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