Getting Your Home Winter Show Ready

Getting your home ready to show to prospective buyers is a big job no matter the season, but each season comes with its own specific things you can do to get your house ready to make the best impression on people interested in buying it.  In the summer, of course, you can show off your beautiful garden and, if you are lucky enough to have one, your swimming pool.  These are some things you can do to make the best impression when you are showing your home in the winter.

Snow: A Blessing in Disguise
A snowstorm that takes place when your house is on the market can actually highlight desirable features of your home.  When it snows, and you shovel the snow and clear the driveway, you are showing prospective buyers how safe and low maintenance your house is.  People who buy a house in the summer might not take into account how easy it is to clear the snow or drive on the driveway in winter weather, but they will if they are visiting your home in the winter, and they see that, of all the houses on the block, yours has the least steep driveway, and therefore the easiest one to walk on in inclement winter weather.

Highlight the Winter Fun
When prospective buyers are looking at your home in the winter, show them how beautiful your house looks with holiday decorations.  If, from the outside, your house looks like a place that Santa’s reindeer cannot wait to visit, then chances are, it will also look like a place that prospective buyers cannot wait to visit.  When prospective buyers come into your house to view the interior, have a fire going in the fireplace, so that you can show them the cozy hearth in their prospective home.

Show How Well Your House Can Deal with Winter Hassles
When prospective buyers visit, show them how warm your house stays in the winter, and let them know how cost efficient it is to heat the house.  Show them the storage closet near the garage where you keep your winter coats ad your gear for winter sports.  Show them the game room in the basement, where kids love to play on snow days.  In other words, let them know how much your house makes it easy to deal with all the hassles that winter can send your way.

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