There are many advantages to selling your home during the spring/summer selling season. However, if you choose to sell your home during that off-season all is not lost. In fact one advantage is that there will be less competition. The other important thing to note is that buyers who are willing to search and shuffle through the snow tend to be more motivated in actually purchasing a home. Fall is a great time to sell to singles, or couples with very young children and retirees seeing that these groups are not affected by the start of the school year.  Follow the tips below if you are planning on selling your home in the next few months.

Skip the holiday decor: You want the home to have that spacious feel. The more clutter around the home the smaller the place looks. This also makes it harder for the buyer to envision themselves in your home. Moreover, you never know who will be examining your place, not everyone is about the holiday cheer.
Update Your Listing Photos: The listing can look dated with the change of the seasons. Your home listing should inlcude photos of your home during the summer and the winter, if you are selling your home during the cooler times.

Curb Appeal: To attract passers-by  your home has to look nice from the outside. Sure the leaves and the snow can give it that magical look, but if left unmaintained it will start to look messy pretty quickly.  If you do not have the time to clean around your home consider hiring someone at least during your selling period.

Clear the entryway: The nerance should be as spacious as possible. Keep in mind that there will be an agent and at least another person if not more. Make sure that you have a lot of space to hang their coats, and have an umbrella stand along with a basket of slippers or shoe covers.

Turn up the Heat: This means that you home should be warm and have that cozey touch. Do not go overboard with the temperature, no one likes it if it's too hot. Think about making hot chocholate, or baking a batch of cookies, and if you have a fireplace make sure it's lit.

Flexible showing times: It does get dark pretty fast during the winter months. It is understandable that potential buyers may want to see the home during ealier hours. Be flexible and try to accomodate all visits.

Lots of Light:  Make sure that your homes is bright enough. Each dark corner can make the room feel a lot smaller. If you feel like your home needs to be brighter consider adding a few lamps, turn them on even during day time showings. If the buyers are coming to visit in the evening make sure that all the lights are turned on, even the exterior lights.

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