Feng Shui is the ancient art that has endless cures, tips and suggestions.  These tips and suggestions are for all areas of your life - from improving relaxation in the home to attracting career success.   Many are firm believers in Feng Shui, while others are very skeptical.  Regardless of which side of the fence you land on, think about this? What is the harm of making slight changes in your home, in order to get it to sell quicker?

There are numerous applications for real estate Feng Shui.  These are there to help both sellers and buyers. 

If you are getting ready to sell your house, be sure you are familiar with the basic Feng Shui steps to get your home sold.

Feng Shui steps are easy to practice, and make a lot of sense to anyone.  It is best to approach it without judgment and understand that it is based on the fact that everything around us is an energy, so if your house is not selling it basically means the energy is not moving.  Feng Shui recognizes that our emotional energy can set the stage for our intentions.  So make sure to focus your energy on selling your home for top dollar and in a timely fashion.   Set a wish of what intention you want for the sale of your home and make sure you are making it from an emotionally stable place.  When you are selling your home, but are doing it in a stressful way that cannot affect the energy of your home and your intention.  So relax and productively think about what it is that want from the sale.  Focus on the happiness that the home will bring to the new owners.  

Feng Shui focuses on easy flowing pathways and lack of clutter. So go through your home room by room, hallway by hallway and remove the clutter.  We buy with our emotions and gut feelings. So if a room looks good but there is a just a "feeling" that cant be explained a buyer may not purchase a home.  By removing the clutter you will free the energy allowing an easy flow of energy. 

Last but not least, a little secret trick.  Place a piece of your kitchen (flake of plaster, splinter of wood) into a red envelope along with a letter thanking your home for the support it has given you throughout the years and wishing the new people well for the future.  Once you have done this, you need to throw your red envelope into a nearby river / creek / lake.  If the envelop flows smoothly away on its course, then your move should go well.  If it gets stuck then there are may be some more work to do, or possibly someone has not emotionally let the property go as of yet. 

With or without Feng Shui, you need to have an experienced and reliable team to make your home go from Listed to Sold; contact the Asensio team today to see how we can help you.

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