One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to home design is ‘how to pick a color scheme that works?’ It is definitely not a matter of just picking the first few colors that come to mind and then incorporating them around your home; there is an entire process behind it.

Often designers will look for an inspiration within the home to build the color scheme. Designers get inspired by a rug, a piece of fabric, a painting on the wall, or the scenery around the home. Once the color scheme is developed and the home actually covered in various colours, many will have no clue what the impetus was, it is often a small object barely noticed in the home. The first thing that needs to be established is what will be the neutral color that you will vary in intensity throughout the home. Shades of grey and beige work well as neutral colours, but so do green and blue.  Now that you have picked your neutral colour the next step is to pick four to six colours that will break the neutral color.  You will now alter the tone or shade of these other colours as well and switch them around in terms of importance. For example if you have chosen your ‘colour 2’ as the main colour in the living room, followed by ‘colour 1’, ‘colour 3’ will be the accent colour. You use these some colours but in a different order for the other rooms in the home. It is important to note that the color will not be always be introduced through paint as you have so much to work with. For example for your kitchen, the kitchen cabinets can represent one colour, whereas your dishware can represent the other, and the backsplash can represent the accent pop colour. If you need more ideas or need visual examples, there is a lot of content online. Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to visit a few home expos to set your imagination off. Once you start your colour scheme project you won’t stop until it is all done! 

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