You cannot go any where without hearing about Pokemon Go and the craze it has created.  Pokemon is a Japanese cartoon that was very popular in the 1990s and 2000s.   It has recently resurfaced in an online game that was created by Niantic Inc.    The Pokemon Go game is not just for children, people of all ages and geographical locations are playing it.  

With its popularity ever increasing, one cannot stop and think about how it can affect the housing market, can it make your home sell that much faster.  Many people are listing their homes and mentioning PokeStops or PokeGyms as nearby amenities.  A PokeStop is as enticing as living near highways and shopping centres.   

When advertising a listings, the hashtag #pokemon #pokemongo are being added in order to increase awareness and listing recognition.  
You may be able to increase the amount of open house visitors by stating that a certain character is nearby.  Now using Pokemon Go may not necessarily sell your home, at an open but it can increase traffic.  You may come across the perfect pairing, a buyer who loves your listing and is obsessed with Pokemon Go. 

Some are even speculating that Pokemon Go may affect the value of a property.   A home located near PokeStops, may actually create value at this current point in time, but buyers must remember a few years from now, that may or may not be a selling feature.   If it does increase the resale value of a home (today), how much does the value increase?  We cannot really say as it is too soon.  If it does affect the pricing of a home, it wouldn't raise the value significantly by any means. 

As realtors, we work for our sellers and want to make the most out of every marketing opportunity.  So why not capitalize on this new craze and find PokeStops and PokeGyms nearby.  You never know what may or may not sell a house, but as long as we can bring traffic and interest to the home, then we are doing our jobs.  

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