Timing the market to get more money on your Brampton real estate is a strategy, which doesn't always work. Experts predict a balancing out of prices and an influx of new construction for Brampton later this year. So, whenever you see the following signs, know that it's the right time to take the plunge:

1. It's still a seller's market. The seller's market from 2015 is forecasted to keep into 2016. The market is trying to cool off with inventory likely to grow, but sellers should still expect multiple offers on their property. With inventory now coming up, it is the perfect time to place your home on the market - before it's flooded.

2. Much Repairs.Let's face it, one of the things an average home face is the need for repair. Your budget might not be able to stand the stress of one repair after the other. It may seem it is more costly to buy another home. But it will also be costly to include that new furnace and fix the major leakages in your bathrooms. Over time, repairs quickly add up. Maybe it's time to move on and find a new home that will require less repairs and labor.

3. Your life wants something new. Whether you've been struggling with a long commute to work, wishing you were nearer to all your family members or desiring a nicer area to settle in with your family, it is time to make an alteration. Whatever the reason, now may be the optimum time to relocate and make your life more convenient, and more importantly, happy. If your life has changed however your living situation hasn't, 2015 the right time to get it right.

4. Space can be a pressing concern. Perhaps you need more space for your growing family. Maybe you have too much in your empty nest given that the kids have all moved out. Either way, it is time to let your living situation catch up to your personal needs. It isn't best if you add stress by surviving in a home that's cramped and too small or throw away cash and energy on space that isn't needed. Evaluate your position if your space is creating issues for you, it is definitely time to go.

5. Changed Neighborhood
When you bought your home, it was a peaceful area with hardly any traffic. Whatever you observed were the tweets of a parrot or a squirrel scrambling up a tree. Now, the field is bumper-to-bumper traffic with horns blaring all times of day or nighttime. Or possibly the once family-friendly neighborhood has transformed into something boring because there are no kids around your children's ages. What's more serious, your once safe neighborhood might not exactly be safe any longer. This just would go to demonstrate that sometimes it isn't the house by any means, but the location.
6. The right time for you to sell is when you feel that it’s right. If you want to sell your house to cash in on your mounting equity or if you’re simply looking forward to something new, then it’s time to do it! If you want to sell your house, then that’s a pretty good sign that it is time.

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