Looking for homes can be an exciting time for an home buyer, whether this is your go round or you purchased a few homes in your lifetime.   When you are looking at a home, many look to see if it has many of their needs and wants.  Do they like the layout, location, feel of the home, etc. Those are all things you must consider when looking and choosing the right home for yourself and your family.

 However there are some other things you may want to pay attention to in your search:

1. The Roof:  How old is the roof? Will it need to be replaced soon? Are there any roof repairs that will need to be made?  Replacing a roof can be quite expensive, so if you fall in love with a home, be sure to find out how long ago the roof was replace; if at all.  Current roofs have a life expectancy of 20 years at the most, and can cost well over $10,000 to replace.

2. Storage Space: How much storage space does the home have.  Storage space is one of the most overlooked aspects of a home.  Many focus on the storage space that the bedrooms and kitchen has to offer, but what about your other needs; pantry items, hobby equipment; cleaning tools, spare linens and of course that "junk" that's not really junk.

3. Outlets: Are there enough outlets in the home to suit your needs? And what condition is the outlets in?  You don't want to have dodgy wiring as than can be very expensive to replace, but not only that it is extremely unsafe.  Have a close look, especially for older homes.  This is something that your home inspector will look at but keep in mind.

4. Attic: What is the attic like?  Is there easy access? Can it be used as a storage space if needed? Can it be converted to a potential room? Is there enough insulation? Is the insulation up to code? 

5. Dampness: Dampness is very important to detect, due to the fact that if there is dampness in the home, there is a high probability that there is also mould.  Look for dampness near the ceiling and skirting boards.  Check to see if there are any watermarks in the ceilings or walls.  The most obvious sign (which is especially easy to detect in basements) is a mouldy smell.  If there is mould, that can be quite costly to remove.  


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