What to Do If There Is an Issue with the Title Before Closing?


Buying a home can be a stressful and immensely challenging prospect, even for those who are not first time home buyers. The paperwork and funds required for actually closing the deal are enough to deter even the most motivated of people, and the complications that can ensue from virtually any mistake are a constant deterrent. The effort that goes into buying a home can is draining, but once the process has actually finished, the whole thing seems worth it. There is a beautiful place wherein you can live with all of your belongings and your future family, your wife and kids or your ten cats. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a while for all to be said and done.


What Issues Can Arise Before Closing?


One of the most popular surprises that can come with prospective home buying is any and all errors with documentation. Misspelling a name, transposed address listings, the wrong amount in the loan section, and a missing page or two can spell disaster for any home purchase.

Another common issue is the problem of a lender or agent not keeping in consistent communication with you. Though you might expect them to behave in a professional manner and give you notice ahead of time about any delays or errors they might have knowledge of, it is actually typical for them to wait until the last minute to give away any information. This issue is unfortunately difficult to deal with, because it is typically not within your control.

One of the worst things that prospective home owners have to deal with is the problem of a title being incorrect before closing on the home. This documentation error tends to accompany an array of other problems, but it is relatively easily resolved.


How to Resolve A Title Issue

In order to prevent some kind of issue from developing, it can be imperative for a potential buyer to perform a thorough title search before making a final decision. However, the majority of the time, title issues don’t come up until it’s too late. Depending on the issue in question, it can be necessary to hire a professional or check the clerical aspects. Something as simple as a misfiled document can be easily fixed, but a missing heir or prior illegal deed can cause some serious detriment to situations. The best method of aiding yourself in this circumstance is to use the title insurance you were required to purchase.

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