Life has grown more complex with time, and it seems, that we, as humans, are busier than ever. Our lifestyle also reflects on our living situation and the place we want to live. If you are one of the lucky ones who got the extra cash or a mortgage approval to buy a home, you are probably contemplating whether it is better to settle in a condo or a house. Depending on your budget, you will probably explore your options, but still, it is not only a matter of money and which of the two variants is cheaper but also about what is right for you. It is a decision that will have an impact on your life for many years if not lifelong.
What Can A Condo Offer To You?
A condo is usually the ideal housing solution for people who have no time or desire to deal with trivial matters like house maintenance. Sure, it is nice to have a lawn and a backyard, but if you lack time to keep it all neat, then, a condo is a far better option. In condos, there are people who take care that the building is always clean, the elevator fixed, and all other defects removed promptly.
Another major benefit of condos is that they are built in prime locations surrounded by many facilities that make life easier: restaurants, fast foods, cafés, shops, and so much more. Also, the chances are that your office or workplace is nearby and you do not have to commute to work for an eternity. One of the great perks of condos is that many of them come with amenities such as a swimming pool, a gym, tennis court, and others.
What Can A House Offer To You?
According to many realtors, a house is a wiser investment, and it is more appreciated in the market. This can be seen as a benefit of course, but it is more important that a house offers more freedom to an individual. When you live in a house, you are the sole decision-maker, and as opposed to condo dwellers, you have free hands to rebuild and redecorate anytime you feel like it.
A big plus for houses is that privacy is guaranteed. You can turn up the music or make noise without someone tapping on the ceiling from downstairs to remind you to keep it quiet. Many houses come with a piece of land which you can additionally use for anything you want. A backyard is also mostly a part of the deal, which is especially convenient for families with kids. But also, if you have no kids, it is great to have an outdoor corner for relaxing after a hard day at work.
Still…Both Have Disadvantages
Usually, houses come with higher expenses given that they are bigger, but some of the hotshot condos with many amenities have also driven up their maintenance fees, which can be a burden for condo residents, especially those who do not use all the facilities offered. So, bear in mind to collect all data on the fees you have to pay as a condo resident, including fee-increase policies.
Living in a condo will never offer you the same degree of privacy as a house, and you will have to participate in shared decision-making processes when they concern the common condo areas you share with other dwellers or owners. Be aware that when you become the owner of a condo apartment, you become a member of the condo community.
When you own a house, you are on your own, and as good as it is, it also has its drawbacks. Any sudden repairs or maintenance costs fall on your shoulders. Sometimes, you have to invest in additional equipment in order to keep up with maintenance.
The practice has shown that people who work very hard and often overtime, or who travel a lot, are far better off in a condo and that those, who rather spend time indoors, prefer a house. Nevertheless, there are no rules, and if buyers always dreamed of a house, they should get one. If they know in their heart that they are the “condo type of person,” they should start looking for a condo.

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