Before you begin attending open house events, you should sit down and figure out what it is that you want in a home. Of course your desires will be limited by your budget. The first thing you will need to do is speak with your bank or mortgage lender to get a preapproval. This way you will know how much of a home you can afford. With a preapproval you will know exactly what homes and neighborhoods to target which will save you a lot of time and money. Other things you should keep in mind include:
-Schools, that is if you have children
-Older or newer home; do I want a detached home, townhouse, or a condominium, etc.?
-Do I want to spend any time on renovation?
-Will I be relying on public transportation?
-Does the lot matter?
-How many bedrooms and bathrooms do I need?
-How big of a house do I want? How many square feet?
-What features are important; hardwood floors, air-conditioning, ceramic tile floors, finished basement, laundry room, fireplace, etc.
Aside from the list mentioned above, if you already own a home you will also need to consider whether you want to buy your new property before you sell your current home, or whether you would like to sell before you buy. This is a tough decision to make and it varies form individual to individual. With the help of a professional real estate agent the issue will be solved in a matter of days at they will help you negotiate closing dates and conditions which will work best for the planned move. Aside from the closing process your real estate agent will lead you through the entire home buying process:
-Provide you with online properties which meet your criteria
-Assist in choosing the home that best suits your lifestyle and needs
-Provide you with the cost information; the real estate value, taxes, utility costs, the cost of additional services and amenities.
-Specify features during open house events that you haven’t noticed and help you spot problems
- Indicate your legal and financial options
-Get the top service for the best value such as home inspectors, contractors, and ect.

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