Looking back at the decades we may think we have perfected home design, but just as with fashion only later do we spot our mistakes. Even this past year (2015) was filled with design elements that shouldn’t be reused in 2016, after all we are starting a new chapter so make sure to avoid or get rid of the following:

Black and white spaces: Over the years people have grown to love simplicity and they have our full support, simplicity is true elegance. Black and white rooms are simple but this trend of having a white room with white accents or a black room with white accents is being over done – give these rooms some 2016 style by adding some color. You can break such rooms and give them more life simply by adding a fusia chair or some blue pillows.

Open shelving: Although some people saw right through this design, other have tried to push it as far into home design as possible and 2015 is probably the furthest this design trend will reach. Over the past few years those who have the open shelving have come to realize that in fact dust is a problem. Moreover cabinet doors make a room look more organized and guard the dishes from dirt.

Industrial chic: There is nothing cooler and more modern than owning a loft or living in a loft-style space. However, most people are not good with moderation and do not know how to be cool in small doses because lets face it anything overboard tarts getting annoying, the same can be said for the industrial style look – keep it in moderation.

Swiss crosses: Last year we saw many home design elements covered in Swiss crosses – Pinterest was trending with Swiss crosses on shower curtains, throw pillows, and quilts. Although, the craze is still not over with this Scandinavian-inspired pattern we predict that the end is coming soon so get ahead of the party and replace this pattern with something more 2016-ish!

Mixed metals: Although it seemed like a great idea in 2015 to add different metals to create excitement, but consistency has its reward too. If you have an option of adding silver touches to your kitchen stick with silver only, there is no need for adding touches of bronze as well!

Rich velvets: Looking back in history, the rich velvets reappear every now and then and 2015 was definitely a high point of royal glamour this also means that 2016 won’t be.

Chintz: These floral patterns have been in and out of style. In the past few years sure the floral designs looked more modern by incorporating the large-scale floral design but it is safe to say that 2015 is the last come back for the florals.

Faux deer heads: Often in design blogs or if you consult with a home designer the advice will be to add something three dimensional on the wall – many will buy fake deer antlers. If you are tempted to buy the deer head please don’t as it looks quite odd and actually has a cheap look to it!

Explanatory walls: Although we always found words as decorations odd we are glad that others are also getting fed up with this trend. There is no need to spell out in huge letters on the dining room walls ‘E A T’ everyone knows what is done in this space or any other space.

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