Making an Open House Offer – Can I Represent Myself?
The housing market can cause a lot of economic distress, especially in places with large populations and minimal government regulation and interference. The greater Toronto area is currently in a state of flux due to the ambiguous nature of the housing market. The gentrification of neighborhoods combined with the startling increase in cost of living is causing disconnect in the market.
The government’s astonishing lack of involvement only makes matters worse for potential buyers and sellers. When making an offer on a property, it is important to understand the context in which the buying or selling is taking place. To do that, either one should put in a great amount of time and effort for researching the housing climate or one should employ the assistance of a trained professional. While it is not legally required for a prospective buyer to have real estate representation, especially not in the early stages of potential property acquisition, it is recommended.
The act of representing yourself during an open house can mean that your offer is not as readily considered as others, or that you will not be taken seriously. Buying a new home is a big deal worth the majority of your attention, and while sales representatives for homes can be rather pricey, they are a pivotal aspect of a good investment. They can tell you things you would not have known, due to your own different career choice. They are required to understand more about housing and the market than the average person, and therefore can be completely indispensible during these sorts of decision making times.
Buying and selling homes is already an incredibly stressful process, during which many things will come to light, and no one knows better than a certified housing representative whether or not you have to disclose to potential buyers that you found a dead body in the wall of your cellar. Questions like these are not common, but they demand to be answered. Finding help from a qualified professional is completely worth it and can be life changing.
That being said, if you put an offer on a property without an agent, the worst that could happen is you miss something important during the more in-depth inspection of the home. It will not have any other ramifications that could cause additional stress.

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