With the changing of seasons you will be faced with a list of new chores that should be done to prepare your home for the winter days. Give yourself a one week’s time to accomplish the tasks listed below.

Garden: Now is the time to clean and prep your garden for the following spring. This means that you should rake the leaves, cut the grass, and cut back plans and plant bulbs. Do not forget to clean the eavestroughs and downspouts. All of this can be done over the weekend, if you want to change your garden significantly but you are not much of a gardener think about hiring a landscaping company.

Heating and Cooling: This is the most critical chore that you should look after before the cooler weather sets in, or else you risk freezing and catching a cold and you will be faced with higher energy bills.  Call a service technician to clean and service your furnace. Check whether your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm works, and add a set of new batteries to each. Add a carbon monoxide alarm to each floor of the home. As of October 15th it is law in Ontario to have a carbon monoxide alarm adjacent to all sleeping areas. Lastly, consider buying a programmable WiFi thermostat.

Paint scratches and hinges: You should really make some time to paint scratches and fix squeaky hinges, door seals and locks.

Paint and Paper: If you are thinking about painting some of the rooms in your house, you should do it now while you can open the windows, when winter sets in you will not be able to freshen your place out without jacking up the energy bill. Remember that preparing for a paint job is the most important and consuming part of the process. Therefore, do not rush with the prep work, also know that you will create a mess with a lot of drywall dust that will need to be cleaned. As an alternative consider wall paper. With many new extraordinary designs wall paper is making a huge comeback. Quality wallpaper is not hard to remove, so do not let that hold you back from experimenting with great wall paper designs.  

Holiday Planning: If you are thinking about hosting any grand holiday parties, now is the time to already prepare your home for it. If you are thinking about buying custom made furniture, know that it typically takes about eight to ten weeks. Even if you’re not buying custom-made it usually takes about a month to complete a room. Small renovations such as:  re-doing the backsplash and countertops, changing the flooring, or adding pot lights and replacing other fixtures can be completed before the holiday season, in fact only a few weeks before. However, if you are planning on renovating a bathroom then you will need one month. For larger renovations such as finishing a basement or putting in a new kitchen layout will not get finished in time and it is best to leave these for the new year ahead. 

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