The building and development industry (BILD) is constantly inventing new construction and design techniques. Read on to find out how BILD is making our communities more efficient.

Innovation include remote-controlled home management systems, modern architecture and design and cutting edge construction techniques. The industry is constantly finding way to make housing more affordable. The condo living space is maximized through BILD’s use of innovative architectural design.  For the single detaches homes, every square foot is used up as efficiently as possible. In such homes you will see retractable beds and kitchen countertops, and integrated space-saving appliances.  Now developers offer homeowners the chance to customize almost everything within their home, they can make changes just by using their smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. The Cisco Smart Home system which includes security cameras, climate control and entertainment devices is offered by the high-rise developer Tridel.  These smart systems will even allow homeowners to connect to an entire network in order to meet their needs such as giving the option to connect with healthcare providers, virtual tutors and digital concierges.  Aside from the upgrade in the electronic aspect of the architectural design BILD is changing the way neighbourhoods are developed; now techniques are set up that have minimal impact to the environment. The best recent example is the Friday Harbour development under construction by BILD members the Geranium Homes and ConDrain Group on Lake Simcoe in Innisfil.

The Friday Harbour resort-style community is composed of 2,000 units along the 53-acre marina with islands, and a wide variety of amenities. The 4.5 km of waterfront will be able to accommodate up to a thousand boats. The marina has been expanded by expanding Lake Simcoe; a barrier was built on the marina basin to keep lake water out during construction. The expansion of the marina did not only enhance its features for the boaters but also improved the fish habitat in the basin. Moreover over 170,000 truckloads of recycled soil were used to enlarge the marina and to construct the 18-hole championship golf course in the area.  With the completion of the marina, the water from Lake Simcoe is being syphoned back into the basin, and it is expected to fill by mid-September. The fish and plant habitats are further being established and the barrier wall will be removed in the year ahead.

By making our homes more efficient we are leaving a less of a foot-print on our environment. Of course this also means that our energy bills will be lower. 

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